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    What is I.C.Services Configuration GUI?
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    Function of I.C.Services Configuration GUI?
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    Using I.C.Services Configuration GUI?

I.C.S. Configuration GUI ???

Integrated Services for Collaboration (ICS) is a set of services whose mission is to enable fast and secure data exchange such as Call, Video Call, Chat (P2P or chat rooms), file transfer, display screen (or part of it) on the remote computer ICS GUI provides configuration and status in real-time monitoring. For that you need nothing more than any modern HTTP / HTTPS browser. Nothing is needed to be installed on the local machine for configuration, which means that it does not matter what device is used(computer, tablet, smart phone) as it is not essential what operating system is on them.

I.C.Services Configuration GUI - Function

Design of the I.C.S. Configuration GUI is entirely subject to the function of administration of the system services. With a simple and clear side panels, and noninvasive integrated Help system. The configuration of the system can be accessed in a simple way, by selecting the desired option from the constantly visible panels. That enables powerful input and modification of the services in the same manner as direct access to services command line. All options are clearly labeled and grouped by relevance, so that less important options do not have to be filled out - they will be filled with pre-defined optimal values​​. This functionality accelerates and facilitates the work of the administrators (eg, it is not necessary, for each individual user, to enter "Dial-Plan" values, if we know that in 90% of cases it is a default value). Ergonomics of the GUI is all customized for easy work of administrators, and its concentration on the task to be done - no promotional messages, advertising, or flashy thumbnails that get's distracting, and annoying after a while.

I.C.Services Configuration GUI - Using

The entire system is designed to run on the server, without preconditions in support for JavaScript / Adobe Flash / ActiveX control on Administrative station. Service administration is done centrally from one place, and almost exclusively with only one administrator logged-in in the same time period. It enables the execution of "server-side" scripts, without affecting the amount of system resources available for carrying out the process of business services, whose smooth execution is the meaning of the whole solution. At the same time this design allows for transparency in the selection of devices for access and Administration of the ICS system.

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